Fall 2018 Menswear Overviews: Vol.1

K e y  C o l o u r s

One thing is for sure; this season menswear shows were colourful. Of course, you still had your Navy and Black, but this time they were offset with a rainbow palette. Sometimes more ‘eye-catching’ than wearable, it was for sure a refreshing proposition for Fall.

Fire engine reds and sunshine yellows were the go-to colours of the season. Blues continued to monopolise-of course-but those Cerulean, Azure and Brandeis Blues did sexy things up. We also had beautiful purples and the richest of greens.

However, for me the most interesting colours are these deep wine and Carmine reds. Special call-out for those cheeky oranges that are surfacing; expect more of them going forward.

Fall 2018 Menswear Overviews: Vol.1Fall 2018 Menswear Overviews: Vol.1Fall 2018 Menswear Overviews: Vol.1Fall 2018 Menswear Overviews: Vol.1Fall 2018 Menswear Overviews: Vol.1Fall 2018 Menswear Overviews: Vol.1Fall 2018 Menswear Overviews: Vol.1

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Pre-Fall 2018 Overview: Vol.1

C o l o u r

Designers, whether offering a high-summer pre-fall collection, or a wintery one, chose to communicate a very colourful and positive message. Purple hues were everywhere, especially with Pantone® announcing Ultra Violet as the colour for 2018. Take note: Pinks and Reds are still around. However, these beautiful terracotta, earthy and sepia colours stole the show for me. They are moody and perfectly different from the brights that will be on sale when these collections hit the shops.

Fashion Anthropologist Pre-Fall 2018 OverviewFashion Anthropologist Pre-Fall 2018 Overview

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Nostalgia and Authenticity: two concepts defining the fashion industry in 2017

This year will go down as the year that initiated things. We might not know right now what exactly the result will be, but we can all feel that something is brewing. This feeling of uneasiness has to do with socioeconomic changes; on paper, global economy might be doing OK, but peoples’ personal experiences are different. Average Joe was paid less (in value) than their parents did, and are now depending on their immediate social circle for support much longer than before, and are struggling to save money at the end of each month. Let’s not even touch the subject of class progression…

Courtesy of Fashion.Anthropologist

2017 is the year we all had to deal with what 2016 introduced to the world; the rise of populism, Trump, Brexit, a general disruption to the established order. A vague memory, a misguided reminiscence of “greater times”- when the sun would never set in the empire, or when America was “great”- acted as a security blanket for a fast changing world. This new world with emerging economies, vague political ideologies, and new forms of participation, terrified the non-participants. Nostalgia for something that never was became the torch in the search for answers. Even if it is a plaster attempting to fix a knife wound, a power nap before having to wake up and continue what you were doing beforehand.

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