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A Party Wear Guide

Three different girlfriends of mine asked me the same question, on the same day, independently. It can be summed up like this: what can I wear for Christmas and NYE that does not look like a costume, that looks effortless, and that does not make me look like a giant Christmas tree?

Whether you are one who puts out Christmas decorations in early November (if it’s good enough for Oxford street is good enough for you), or one who wishes you could go to sleep and wake up in March, one thing is for sure. What you will all have in common in the next couple of days is that dreaded office Christmas party, or an ad hoc dinner party with friends. And let us not even mention the inescapable NYE party…

Fret not. I have gone through Pre-Fall 2015 and AW15 shows to discover cool outfits that complement different personalities and styles. Use the images to get inspiration, and if you have been a really good girl this year, why don’t you ask Santa for the actual outfit?

The neo-hipster

This one despises everything hipster but is herself a true hipster deep inside. The Christmas outfit she will choose will be just the right ‘amount’ of edgy. After all, she doesn’t want to be embarrassed when she walks down lower Clapton after the party.

Hipster Party Wear outfits

The eat and breathe fashion girl

She will wear next year’s trend and make sure no one can guess where the outfit is from. Even vintage is too mainstream for her. And who says a dress is a must for a Christmas party?

Fashionista Party Wear outfits

The Lady

Instantly clutching her pearls in the idea of not making an effort. What’s worse than not making an effort? Too much flesh showing. She always remembers her mother saying that sex should be implied and never advertised.

Lady Party Wear outfits

The full-on-why-don’t-you-look-at-me-girl

If it does not shimmer or glitter is not right. OMG, how can one even think of going to a Christmas party without sequins? Or even a bit of fringing? Or both?

Show-off Party Wear outfits

The oh-so-sweet girl

Secretly she wishes she could put unicorns on everything, and no one knows that she sleeps in cat printed pyjamas. For the outside world she is super cool, but sometimes, her ‘sugary’ subconscious comes through in the little details…

Sweet Party Wear outfits

The unconventional madame

She never wears dresses. Not even at weddings. And she will be damned if she is forced by this kitsch holiday to do so! She buys a nice skirt and is convinced she will find something in her wardrobe to wear it with. In her mind she is already planning when to wear the skirt again.

Unconventional Party Wear outfits

The sporty one

The past few seasons, fashion-wise she is in heaven. The gods of fashion have heard her prayers. Gone are the days that of everything prissy and cutesy. Finally, everything looks a bit sportier. And she will make sure her NYE outfit will not embarrass her in front of her gym buddies.

Sporty Party Wear outfits

The kooky one

She fits right in with the rest of Alessandro Michele’s nerdy clan. She will make an effort for the night but glamming-up too much is an anathema.

Kooky Party Wear outfits


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