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Constantinos is a fashion professional who also happens to be a doctor in social anthropology. He works and lives in London, a city he fell in love with when he moved here to study. During his 18 years in the fashion industry he worked for high-street and luxury brands. He folded an endless number of clothes, dressed impractical window dummies, bought collections for international stores, developed product for niche brands and corporate retailers, and consulted with start-ups and well established brand names.


Through all these his safety go-to net has always been anthropology. Combining his knowledge in anthropology and his experience in fashion allowed him to understand better how human behaviour and social structures work. He learned how to recognise spending and fashion patterns, identify the range of visual and material cultures, as well as to understand how to communicate with the end consumer more efficiently.

Recently there has been an itch to communicate his experiences and thoughts with likeminded individuals. And voilĂ , the Fashion.Anthropologist was born. This blog consists of his thoughts about the industry, street inspiration, trend predictions, and those fleeting connections between fashion and other human constructions.