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Fashion’s new approach to categorising end-consumers might be missing a trick

Industry experts reject the redundant way with which retailers and brands define their end-consumers; based on their age or lifestyles. For example, to define a client by a very narrow age group (e.g. 25-35) clearly is too short sighted. Does it mean that when one turns 36 must look elsewhere for dresses?

As the argument goes, we humans are more than a number and definitely much more than our “nurture”. Especially with regards to the latter, the rise of internet and social media meant that one cannot be restricted to their immediate environment and narrow space of country boarders. Hipsters for example are not only found in the UK, and they definitely don’t call themselves ‘British Hipsters’. Maybe the time has come to let consumers define themselves, and for brands to start understanding them, instead of attempting to define them. Shocking prospect…

Image courtesy of Marques ' Almeida

The future looks more democratic. The end-consumer’s influence on product development and design is intensifying, and will eventually challenge to extinction current top-down approach to design. I will not venture, yet again, into how this challenges creativity and aspiration, and how it hinders creatives’ freedom to create. On the contrary, I will flip it on its head and ask a question: in a world where gender, race, and lifestyle boundaries are constantly blurring, does it really make sense to pigeonhole a customer?

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Xmas Edit Vol.2: What to Invest in

There are two concepts you should keep in mind: longevity and self-expression. Going forward these two will inform fashion and product creation. As conscious consumers, we should all think twice before spending; think of investing instead of blinding consuming. The same advice goes out to fashion brands; create instead of reproducing. Build a future instead of only worrying about the end of the year’s bottom line. Growth does not have to equal profit.

So, use this holiday season to buy a piece you will fall in love with, invest a bit more in it and treasure it for life. Wear it over and over again. No more hiding party-outfit disasters at the back of your wardrobe. No more, “I will wear it only once” excuses… And this is the last rant of the year…probably…

Yellow is the new pink

Colour experts are predicting that yellow will become a new favourite, and put an end to pink’s reign. It is an evocative colour; in most cultures it has positive connotations of wisdom, happiness, openness, and brightness. And Lord do we desperately need a bit of that in our lives! Too scared for a yellow coat? What about yellow sequins?

Look 1

Fashion Anthropologist: Xmas Edit Vol.2 - What to Invest in

(L-R clockwise) House of Holland wool and viscose mix coat; MSGM viscose sequin blouse; Jacquemus tote with chunky chain straps; Marco De Vincenzo pleated skirt with applique and lace underlayer; Vetements leather ankle boots

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Xmas Edit Vol.1: What to Invest in

What’s scarier than a middle-aged man with a flammable acrylic beard dressed in Santa’s outfit? No, not Xmas office parties and celebratory seasonal get-togethers. What is scarier, is the amount of money spent on “Xmas outfits”. Yes, I am talking about you, who thinks it’s a good idea to buy a cheap sequinned dress, believing it is ok to wear something once. However cheap the garment, it is false economy my friend, these are no times for throw-away anything…

In the first part of my Seasonal Edits I look into which ‘party’ outfits you can invest in, and wear, and wear…it includes pieces that are very fashionable now, but also for upcoming seasons.

Blend it girl

The idea of ‘blending’, as discussed in a previous post, is gaining traction. It refers to mixing two unconventional styles, sporty and dressy, to create a timeless outfit. Holiday season is the best time to experiment. Added bonus? All those separates will be worn again on different occasions, dressed up or down.

Look 1

Fashion Anthropologist: Xmas Edit Vol.1 - What to Invest in

(L-R clockwise) Simone Rocha cotton and viscose mix army jacket with oversized pockets; Joseph chunky wool jumper; Georgia Alexandra aquaprase 18K gold earrings; N.21 satin bow small shoulder bag; Gianvito Rossi Satin peep-toe ankle boots; Christopher Kane knitted wool viscose and metallic yarn pleated skirt with sequin details

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SS18 Runway Overviews: Vol.4

I have talked about the rise of the separates in popularity for a while now. SS18 runways cemented their importance. I believe it was the first time to see so many. And this is because they translate really well the current mood of “put together” / “hybridisation” trend. Also, they are great vehicles for another seasonal trend; the layering trend.

In this fourth and final post of my SS18 Runway Overviews (phew), I choose to present the must haves for tops, trousers, and skirts.

T o p s 

Hybrid tops

Alexander Wang was the first to toy with the idea of ‘hybridisation’: merging different styles together. That negligee / sweatshirt number is an instant classic. It takes artful pattern-making to achieve but the results are incredible.

SS18 Runway Overviews

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