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Today’s Edit: 3 different men, 3 different outfits

This is my first post about menswear. I have been asked by many why I don’t venture into the realm of men’s fashion. My answer always confuses them; it is way too personal…But I have been asked so many times I decided to start listening. This blog is not a reactive blog but more of an interactive one. Your feedback informs it and pretty much directs it. I am a strong believer in listening to people’s needs and trying to cover them, instead of assuming what these needs are. But enough about me!

So, for my first post on my “MEN” section, I put together an edit of three outfits; a selection of what is available to buy right now. Through these 3 edits I try to summarise-excuse my generalization- three attitudes, or better, to describe three different shoppers. They are all fashion enthusiasts, but have a different relationship with their clothes. It was real fun making up these characters…

The Urban guy


He is a real urban dweller. His idea of nature is the well-groomed Victoria Park in East London; coffee less than 15-minutes’ walk. He loves it when people compliment him on the fact that he looks at least 10 years younger but hates it when his mum says he should start dressing his age. He will never conform!

He doesn’t do brick and mortar. No shop understands his magpie aesthetic and they are all too mainstream to even attempt catering for him. Roll in online shopping, and endless hours spent hunting for the right garment. Add on top of that the hours he spends monitoring each garment in his wish list, ensuring he is the first to push buy when the price is satisfactorily reduced. What he does is not internet savvy but proper data analysis.

His outfits look like they have been casually put together, but look more carefully and you will see the hours spent assembling them, each garment a nod to each one of the season’s trends.

He loves Korean buns and artisan locally produced beer, and detests narrow-minded people, logo t-shirts, and ill-behaved children. 23rd of June was one of the worst days of his life, he made himself feel better by buying yet another pair of jeans…

The Edit:

Camouflage jacket by Alexander Wang

Collarless shirt by Saturdays NYC

Embroidered T-Rex t-shirt by Rag & Bone

120z drop crotch tapered hand-washed jeans by Natural Selection London

Felt military backpack by Dries Van Noten

Leather sneakers by McQ, Alexander McQueen

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Today’s Edit: the best of the British high-street

The British high street needs as much help as it can get right now. Putting aside all the issues it’s facing, issues analysed in length in previous posts, current weather is not helping either. It has been unseasonably hot this autumn. With high-winter deliveries scheduled for the next couple of weeks, I am really wondering when, or even if, retailers will manage to shift all this stock.

Thankfully, most high-street brands have realised that consumers are consciously after a better product and have started offering higher quality design-led garments. This surely is helping sales in these adverse conditions…

I want to do my part and help as much as possible. So, I am putting together 3 outfits of trend-led quality clothes from our most recognisable high-street brands; showcasing the best of what is on offer right now.

Outfit 1

Today's Edit: the best of the British high-street edit 1

Viscose twist front cropped top by Topshop £20

Cotton long-line asymmetric shirt by Modern Rarity (John Lewis) £120

Leather carrot trousers by Topshop Boutique £225

Faux Fur cocoon coat by Whistles £275

Cracked leather trainers by Jigsaw £98

Shearling backpack by Jigsaw £198


Outfit 2

Today's Edit: the best of the British high-street edit 2

Silk maxi dress by Warehouse £115

Leather biker jacket by Reiss £395

Leather roll-top clutch bag by Jigsaw £98

Suede and leather ankle boots by Kurt Geiger £199

Outfit 3

Today's Edit: the best of the British high-street edit 3

Tie-side rib cashmere mix sweater by Whistles £120

Iridescent pleated poly midi skirt by Jigsaw £129

Contrast panel poly duster coat by Topshop £72

Cross Body leather bag by Hobbs £199

Leather ankle boots by Kurt Geiger £210



Today’s Edit: autumn’s new outfits

Why would you be looking to buy winter clothes right now? If you are not shopping for your child who is going away to university, leaving home for the first time, then why in God’s name would you be buying a coat in August? But if you are indeed getting them a new ‘Uni’ wardrobe, well done! You made it; they are finally out of the house! Now you can worry about the fees…

If you are relocating to the southern hemisphere, and more specifically to Patagonia, then everyone will understand that you have to go to the shops, in this heat, and buy a thick jumper.

If you are the rarity that people call “fashionista”, and you absolutely must buy the latest trends from Pre-fall collections, then you will be the one person who shops for boots in high-summer. Even though you won’t wear them for another two months…I am not judging!

But coats, jumpers and boots are already in the shops, and because coveting new clothes is what keeps this industry going, why don’t we indulge together in some “fashion-porn”. On this week’s edit, I am looking at what autumn product has hit the shops. I am including brand new fashions that can be bought now, to be worn immediately or later on, when weather gets a bit chillier.

Today's Edit: autumn's new outfits

Outfit on the left:

Polyester top with wide sleeves by Ellery

Wide leg frayed edge jeans by Chloé

Oversized denim jacket with detachable fur collar by MM6 by Maison Margiela

14 karat gold, diamond, and sapphire enamel necklace by Lito

Nylon shoulder bag by The Row

Sock dart fabric trainers by Nike

Outfit on the right:

Dropped shoulder denim jacket by Acne Studios

Cotton mini high-neck dress with text by Vetements

Silk mix wrap jacket with lurex by Attico

Leather backpack by F.E.V

Canvas, basketweave and suede Air Max 90 trainers by Nike x Pedro Lourenço


Today’s Edit: Festival-ready clothes

Spring brings flowers, warmer days, increased libidos, and…music festivals. We have already had Coachella in California, but the European season of summer music festivals starts today. Lyon France is the first European city to welcome the clamour of the young and the young at heart. Just like every year, thousands of music fans will descent on fields, villages, and towns and the locals will run for the hills.

Current festivals do not have much in common with 1969’s Woodstock. They usually do not have a political message, and they are definitely more preoccupied with health and safety.  However, what they do share with Woodstock, is the rain (has anyone ever had a dry Glastonbury?), the mud, and the attention to appearances. Fashion sense is as important as knowing your small independent rock groups from your arena pleasing superstars.

Wearing fabric trainers and forgetting your hat is as stupid as taking a fur jacket to a fishing trip. Today’s edit is about festival-ready clothes, practical yet fashionable, and available in shops right now.

Denim on Denim: just make sure you wear the same wash from top to bottom

Festival clothes: Denim On Dennim

From left to right:

Marques ‘ Almeida, Chloe, Rachel Comey, Anthony Vaccarello, Acne Studios

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