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What will different women wear this party season? Part 2

I have had a great time, albeit a difficult one, putting together this two-part party season special. It is unbelievable how many options there are out there for the ‘festive’ season. But options do not necessarily mean one has a choice. Researching online for this Christmas special extended edit, I was surprised to see how the luxury and contemporary segments look so much stronger than the high-street.

It seems that all affordable brands were offering similar product but competing on pricing. No surprise there. But this lack of creativity, excitement, and freshness is worrying. Slavery to trends and an unnecessary involvement in the vicious circle of pricing wars is never good. I just cannot believe how many short velvet strappy dresses, and sequin shift dresses I had to go through. Unlike the more exclusive brands, high-street retailers are still targeting the same consumer, ignoring certain taste-levels and age groups.

But allow me to end in a positive note and congratulate &Other Stories for its amazing and provoking offer, and Ellery for its very special product. Happy holidays everyone and a let us all enjoy a better 2017! On with the outfits…

The meta-hipster

She is a hipster reloaded. Like Ellen Ripley in Aliens, she is readier, punchier, a hold-no-prisoners version. When the whole world has started copying her style and her life choices, she moves on. When everyone starts investing in the 90s, what she did last year, she moves on to the 80s.

Outfit 1

Holiday season outfits: hipsterFrom left to right (L-R): Acne Studios leather shearling overcoat; MSGM crepe shirt with ruffle details; Tabula Rasa hand macramé skirt with pompoms; Carven mini leather shoulder bag; Laurence Dacade platform boots.

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What will different women wear this party season? Part 1

Remember how last year I introduced you to 8 different types of women, and how they could potentially dress for the party season? Remember how I created these different archetypes of women, and tried to imagine a life for them, before trying to dress them? Well, this year, over the next two posts, I am revisiting these women and checking what they are up to.

As it is Christmas, I hope you will allow me this crude generalization, and accept, even for a moment, that women can be divided into different archetypes. I know that is wrong, and that women one day can wear a power suit and the next day a frilly pink dress. But believe it or not, big retailers divide their customers into archetypes and develop or buy collections based on the percentage of each archetype they want to cover. Maybe this can explain why a visit to the shops nowadays feels like Groundhog Day; Bill Murray I challenge you to take on the challenge that is retail in 2016…

But to the point, holiday season is upon us with its numerous parties and outfits. How does one navigate through the most challenging time of the year, putting fashion-fatigue aside, and adopt a cheerful, almost annoying happy demeanour? Fashion Anthropologist has you covered.

An eclectic approach

She is nerdy, kooky, and can show you how librarians do it better…Sometimes her outfits are so beautifully put together she puts Alessandro Michele to shame. She is a true collector of objects and garments. This is how we can summarize her style: a bit of her gran’s hand-downs and a bit from Net-A-Porter. She will wear a very intense lipstick but her efforts will end there. She hates how too much make-up dirties her glasses…

Outfit 1

Holiday season outfits: eclectic From left to the right (L-R): Tibi military double-breasted wool mix coat; Mary Katrantzou lace and tulle maxi dress with leather trims and appliques; Alexander McQueen leather and embellishment round bag; Brunello Cucinelli leather loafers.

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Today’s Edit: 3 different men, 3 different outfits

This is my first post about menswear. I have been asked by many why I don’t venture into the realm of men’s fashion. My answer always confuses them; it is way too personal…But I have been asked so many times I decided to start listening. This blog is not a reactive blog but more of an interactive one. Your feedback informs it and pretty much directs it. I am a strong believer in listening to people’s needs and trying to cover them, instead of assuming what these needs are. But enough about me!

So, for my first post on my “MEN” section, I put together an edit of three outfits; a selection of what is available to buy right now. Through these 3 edits I try to summarise-excuse my generalization- three attitudes, or better, to describe three different shoppers. They are all fashion enthusiasts, but have a different relationship with their clothes. It was real fun making up these characters…

The Urban guy


He is a real urban dweller. His idea of nature is the well-groomed Victoria Park in East London; coffee less than 15-minutes’ walk. He loves it when people compliment him on the fact that he looks at least 10 years younger but hates it when his mum says he should start dressing his age. He will never conform!

He doesn’t do brick and mortar. No shop understands his magpie aesthetic and they are all too mainstream to even attempt catering for him. Roll in online shopping, and endless hours spent hunting for the right garment. Add on top of that the hours he spends monitoring each garment in his wish list, ensuring he is the first to push buy when the price is satisfactorily reduced. What he does is not internet savvy but proper data analysis.

His outfits look like they have been casually put together, but look more carefully and you will see the hours spent assembling them, each garment a nod to each one of the season’s trends.

He loves Korean buns and artisan locally produced beer, and detests narrow-minded people, logo t-shirts, and ill-behaved children. 23rd of June was one of the worst days of his life, he made himself feel better by buying yet another pair of jeans…

The Edit:

Camouflage jacket by Alexander Wang

Collarless shirt by Saturdays NYC

Embroidered T-Rex t-shirt by Rag & Bone

120z drop crotch tapered hand-washed jeans by Natural Selection London

Felt military backpack by Dries Van Noten

Leather sneakers by McQ, Alexander McQueen

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Today’s Edit: the best of the British high-street

The British high street needs as much help as it can get right now. Putting aside all the issues it’s facing, issues analysed in length in previous posts, current weather is not helping either. It has been unseasonably hot this autumn. With high-winter deliveries scheduled for the next couple of weeks, I am really wondering when, or even if, retailers will manage to shift all this stock.

Thankfully, most high-street brands have realised that consumers are consciously after a better product and have started offering higher quality design-led garments. This surely is helping sales in these adverse conditions…

I want to do my part and help as much as possible. So, I am putting together 3 outfits of trend-led quality clothes from our most recognisable high-street brands; showcasing the best of what is on offer right now.

Outfit 1

Today's Edit: the best of the British high-street edit 1

Viscose twist front cropped top by Topshop £20

Cotton long-line asymmetric shirt by Modern Rarity (John Lewis) £120

Leather carrot trousers by Topshop Boutique £225

Faux Fur cocoon coat by Whistles £275

Cracked leather trainers by Jigsaw £98

Shearling backpack by Jigsaw £198


Outfit 2

Today's Edit: the best of the British high-street edit 2

Silk maxi dress by Warehouse £115

Leather biker jacket by Reiss £395

Leather roll-top clutch bag by Jigsaw £98

Suede and leather ankle boots by Kurt Geiger £199

Outfit 3

Today's Edit: the best of the British high-street edit 3

Tie-side rib cashmere mix sweater by Whistles £120

Iridescent pleated poly midi skirt by Jigsaw £129

Contrast panel poly duster coat by Topshop £72

Cross Body leather bag by Hobbs £199

Leather ankle boots by Kurt Geiger £210