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What will different women wear this party season? Part 1

Remember how last year I introduced you to 8 different types of women, and how they could potentially dress for the party season? Remember how I created these different archetypes of women, and tried to imagine a life for them, before trying to dress them? Well, this year, over the next two posts, I am revisiting these women and checking what they are up to.

As it is Christmas, I hope you will allow me this crude generalization, and accept, even for a moment, that women can be divided into different archetypes. I know that is wrong, and that women one day can wear a power suit and the next day a frilly pink dress. But believe it or not, big retailers divide their customers into archetypes and develop or buy collections based on the percentage of each archetype they want to cover. Maybe this can explain why a visit to the shops nowadays feels like Groundhog Day; Bill Murray I challenge you to take on the challenge that is retail in 2016…

But to the point, holiday season is upon us with its numerous parties and outfits. How does one navigate through the most challenging time of the year, putting fashion-fatigue aside, and adopt a cheerful, almost annoying happy demeanour? Fashion Anthropologist has you covered.

An eclectic approach

She is nerdy, kooky, and can show you how librarians do it better…Sometimes her outfits are so beautifully put together she puts Alessandro Michele to shame. She is a true collector of objects and garments. This is how we can summarize her style: a bit of her gran’s hand-downs and a bit from Net-A-Porter. She will wear a very intense lipstick but her efforts will end there. She hates how too much make-up dirties her glasses…

Outfit 1

Holiday season outfits: eclectic From left to the right (L-R): Tibi military double-breasted wool mix coat; Mary Katrantzou lace and tulle maxi dress with leather trims and appliques; Alexander McQueen leather and embellishment round bag; Brunello Cucinelli leather loafers.

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Spring Summer 2017 Trends Vol.3

For the last part of my Spring Summer 2017 trend analysis I choose to concentrate on bottoms and tops. The two product categories have been having a little revival lately, almost stealing dresses’ limelight. But to be completely honest with you, the reason is more personal; the last few seasons, I have been more and more interested in them. Doesn’t it make sense to invest money in a top, a skirt, or a pair of trousers instead of a dress? You will wear them over and over again, dress them up or down, and layer them depending on the weather. You will combine them differently and create various outfits.

This season, designers did put a lot of effort into reimagining these two categories, offering new shapes and quite a few surprises. Some of these surprises were not necessarily of great taste; the example of red skirts and bottoms comes to mind. This trend, if not done properly, might make you look more like a nymph du prairie and less like a trend queen. But, putting this little blip aside, both categories got me excited as to what might be coming in the next few seasons. Why don’t we check below my selection of trends and directions worth mentioning, and try to guess where these will take us next?


Daddy shorts

I did talk about this shape when discussing suits in a previous post. But I must admit I am getting a bit obsessed. They are partly street partly tailored, just right for what is happening at the moment. A perfect example of how Athleisure should look like. Make sure they finish just under your knees and that they are loose.

Spring Summer 2017 Trends : Daddy Shorts

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Spring Summer 2017 Trends Vol.2

In volume two of my Spring Summer 2017 emerging trends analysis, I concentrate on dresses, outwear and knitwear. These are the three key product categories that monopolise companies’ development budgets exactly because they are usually the best performing categories.

Keeping with this season’s ‘anything goes’ direction, dresses came long, short, tight, voluminous, romantic, punky, sporty, evening-ready. Yes, a bit of everything! Similarly, outerwear came in a big variety addressing different dress-styles and lifestyles; a few styles were mature, others were very young. Knitwear was less prominent this season Vs previous seasons. Fewer pieces were shown, and those that did make it onto the runways were not game changers. But let’s see what I think was cool, and which trend still has a bit of life in it.


Sheer panels and peek-a-boo teasing continued this season, with Victoriana touches still used to create an “out of this world” mood. Shirt dresses were still viable options as many women find them a cool alternative to the structured work dress. There were also cold-shoulder dresses around, wrap dresses, slip dresses…yawn

Vanessa Ives approves

Eva Green in Showtime’s horror series Penny Dreadful was exceptional. I bet you anything fashion designers all over the world have watched the series and were saddened to hear season 3 was the last one. Result? “Black magic dresses” as an homage to Ms Ives or to the cast of American Horror Story’s cast of Coven (season 3). The latter a much lighter version of darkness, suitable for pop culture princesses! Preen captured this mood perfectly.

Spring Summer 17 trends: black magic dresses

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Spring Summer 2017 Trends Vol.1

This season NY brands continued with their tested formula of unchallenging clothing; promoting less is more, and emphasising daywear. Thus, shows like those put up by Marc Jacobs stood out like a sore thumb. And yes, he has apologised for cultural appropriation…In London Christopher Kane showed the world that it is OK to wear Crocs with a £5K dress. I guess we still haven’t lost our humour. Maybe if we package it and sell it, it might help our struggling retail industry. In Milan, some Italian designers have lost the plot; pasta print dresses anyone? Thank God there is still Marni. And Paris, believe it or not, is becoming the capital of fashion innovation and excitement. The Gvasalia brothers are redefining aesthetics there; their exaggerated shoulder shapes, and oversized bags have completely taken over. They have become the epitome of cool. Did they do their social media research? No. Do they design what people want? No. They design what people didn’t know they wanted but are desperate to have. Do we have a lot to learn from them? Yes.

Most trends were repeats of last summer’s. There wasn’t really a brand new direction. The amalgamation of different aesthetics and historical references continued. Everyone is doing what they think is right for their brands to survive, and this resulted to a cheerful “everything goes”. Trust me when I say, no one really knows what the next big trend will be.

What also makes the lives of trend analysts even more difficult is the increase of number of brands. The sheer number of looks available is overwhelming. Especially if you want to give everyone a chance, and not only do the big fashion houses. But I love a good old challenge. Thus, after 4K images saved and analysed, I have put together a report, which I will break into three parts.

My aim is to concentrate on emerging trends, or those trends that still have a way to go. This is not a “what to wear next season” report, but a “what is on and will continue to be relevant in AW17 and possibly SS18”. Longevity is they key!

In this first part I start with colour directions, prints, and overall little trend nuggets worth mentioning.


Remember when you could very easily say which colour was The key colour for each season. Well, not anymore. This season we have had pastels, fluos, peaches, marigolds, oranges, reds, purples, violets, cerise, pinks, blues, baby blues, nudes, sands, khakis…phew….Check out the colour chart of the season.


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