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Do Ho Suh – Passages: an inspiration

I must admit, most of the days I have a love-hate relationship with London. But every now and then, little gems of experiences such as this one remind me why I am still here. Imagine queuing around the block in a residential area, waiting to see a world-renowned artist exhibit his latest work for free.

Tucked away behind a petrol station off City Road, and nestled between fancy new apartment developments, is the Victoria Miro gallery. Yes, it resembles a warehouse and has floor to ceiling windows, like most modern converted galleries do, but it also has a man-made lake at the back. I bet you did not expect that! What a great place to host Do Ho Suh’s new exhibition “Passage/s”.

Victoria Miro Gallery

The exhibition’s main attraction is a structure made of translucent fabric replicating the different places the artist has lived and worked in. He references his childhood home in South Korea, and his various flats and studios in places such as New York and London. As the notes of the exhibition explain: “Do Ho Suh has long ruminated on the idea of home as both a physical structure and a lived experience, the boundaries of identity and the connection between the individual and the group across global cultures”…“Suh’s structures give form to ideas about migration, transience and shifting identities”. Can’t think of a more relevant topic right now.

Do Ho Suh: Passage / s

Passing through the multi-coloured corridor of different rooms seamlessly put together, the visitor experiences Suh’s life in transit. A life that crossed cultural and geographical boundaries. As you walk through you wonder; am I invested too much in the destination and ignore the journey? Is it that bad to allow cultural and geographical exchange and movement? The people from all over the world who are queuing with me inside the fabric structure surely don’t appear to think so.

Do Ho Suh: Passage / s

His work is not only challenging your preconceptions and asking you to re-think the idea of your life’s journey. It also offers a colourful attack on the senses. The colours he chooses and the way he combines them are indeed inspirational.

Details from the artist’s work: doors, doorways, and door knobs.

Details from Do Ho Suh's Passage / s

Details from Do Ho Suh's Passage / s

Details from Do Ho Suh's Passage / s


A detail from Suh’s “Exit Series” light-box works constructed from white fabric; details of smaller household fixtures and fittings look otherworldly in their negative-positive appearance.

Details from Do Ho Suh's Exit Series


Details from Suh’s new technique; he compresses his architectural fabric pieces into large-scale two-dimensional drawings using gelatin tissue and paper.

Details from Do Ho Suh's exhibition

Details from Do Ho Suh's exhibition

Exhibition continues until 18 March 2017

All images courtesy of Fashion.Antrhopologist


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