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Spring Summer 2017 Trends Vol.3

For the last part of my Spring Summer 2017 trend analysis I choose to concentrate on bottoms and tops. The two product categories have been having a little revival lately, almost stealing dresses’ limelight. But to be completely honest with you, the reason is more personal; the last few seasons, I have been more and more interested in them. Doesn’t it make sense to invest money in a top, a skirt, or a pair of trousers instead of a dress? You will wear them over and over again, dress them up or down, and layer them depending on the weather. You will combine them differently and create various outfits.

This season, designers did put a lot of effort into reimagining these two categories, offering new shapes and quite a few surprises. Some of these surprises were not necessarily of great taste; the example of red skirts and bottoms comes to mind. This trend, if not done properly, might make you look more like a nymph du prairie and less like a trend queen. But, putting this little blip aside, both categories got me excited as to what might be coming in the next few seasons. Why don’t we check below my selection of trends and directions worth mentioning, and try to guess where these will take us next?


Daddy shorts

I did talk about this shape when discussing suits in a previous post. But I must admit I am getting a bit obsessed. They are partly street partly tailored, just right for what is happening at the moment. A perfect example of how Athleisure should look like. Make sure they finish just under your knees and that they are loose.

Spring Summer 2017 Trends : Daddy Shorts

Easy denim trousers

This season’s jeans come a bit more relaxed, in a sexy carrot fit. Remember to roll them up, follow the boys!

Spring Summer 2017 Trends : Easy Jeans


This season’s cotton trousers

They were oversized, with cargo details but still very feminine. They have a high waist, and a carrot fit. A tie waist completes the look. Check out Nina Ricci’s version. Delpozo might struggle to sell theirs…

Spring Summer 2017 Trends : Cotton Trousers


Leather pants and skirts

Yes, you read correctly, another 80s micro-trend making its appearance. This trend is a bit risqué, as it might look too retro. To avoid the latter, choose a pencil shape skirt and cropped or carrot shape trousers. Whatever you do avoid fitted leather trousers!

Spring Summer 2017 Trends : Leather Trousers and Skirts


Wrap skirts and button-up skirts

Can we please have more girls in skirts this summer? It is absolutely OK to wear your short A-line skirt from SS16 but why don’t you invest in this season’s wrap skirts, and the asymmetric fastening ones? They are all the rage.

Spring Summer 2017 Trends : Wrap and Button-up Skirts


Statement skirts

Be shameless, wear a feathered maxi skirt with your trainers or a gold sequined pencil skirt with a placement print t-shirt. Have fun with them, but whatever you do, do not wear them with a “dressy” top. Just don’t…

Spring Summer 2017 Trends : Statement Skirts



Micro tops

You thought you saw the back of this trend, didn’t you? Well, we all did. We thought the days of exposing one’s abs were over. Not only they are not over, but designers are now demanding you expose not only your abdominal area but your ribcage too! Tricky trend? Hell yeah!

Spring Summer 2017 Trends : Micro Tops


Denim tops

If you haven’t yet bought one, do it now! And no, denim tops are not for the cool hipster girls; check these frilly numbers…

Spring Summer 2017 Trends : Denim Tops


Sleeve detail tops

Detailing on sleeves has been big for a while, and it continues being a key reference this season too. The difference is that this time there is no holding back. I mean look at Chanel’s frilly blouse, how can one wear that and not have fun?

Spring Summer 2017 Trends : Sleeve-Detail Tops


Crisp white cotton tops

Shirts and tops made of crisp Brilliant White cotton will update any outfit. Allow me here to congratulate Jonathan Saunders for his amazing work at Diane Von Furstenberg; a breath of fresh (and cool) air…

Spring Summer 2017 Trends : Crisp White Cotton Tops


“Black Magic” tops

Remember those “Black Magic” dresses from my previous post? Same principle, different product category. Think of it as the lighter version, the easing-in to this trend. After all, it is less demanding to wear a black top with lots of volume and big sleeves with your favourite pair of jeans, than the dress version. These are dark days and they demand dark arts my friends…

Spring Summer 2017 Trends : Black Magic Tops


My favourite tops

There were so many tops to choose from. I must admit it took me some time to decide but finally, I chose the ones that will instantly update any wardrobe. Does it get any cooler than a White top-stitched leather boxy t-shirt? Does it really get any cooler than Proenza Schouler? Still wondering how to do frills without looking like a freaky porcelain doll? Check Rebecca Taylor’s top and imagine wearing it with your jeans, shorts or even your suit. Alexander Wang’s cropped boxy t-shirt is an easier shape to carry off, and Whit’s sexy slash across that top will keep heads turning. If the latter is what you do, check Beckham’s oversized look-at-me bow top. But for the ultimate cool look invest in a boxy cropped black sequined top. Diane Von Furstenberg’s one is so hot, especially when worn with a day print. Not sure those shoes work with the outfit though…

Spring Summer 2017 Trends : My Fav Tops


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