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SS18 Runway Overviews: Vol.3

When you think of summer, outerwear and knitwear are not the first things to come to mind. That is if you live on the northern hemisphere and closer to the equator. But remember in other places of the planet SS18 collection hits the shops just when their autumn starts.

Reverse seasonality aside, recently the two product categories have been growing stronger each. Even for the summer, designers choose to pay more attention to them. Below I summarise this season’s key take-aways for the two categories. I also added a little something on suits; just because I want to, and because they kind of go with the dress-for-all-weathers theme I wanted to highlight…

O u t e r w e a r 

The Hybrid

The below styles are great examples of the biggest theme of the season; the “homemade” trend. Contrasting fabrications put together, and unexpected materials used for outerwear, result in an overall “put-together” look.

SS18 Runway Overviews

Trench coat equals spring

Let’s be honest, there will never be a lack of the iconic trench on summer runways. This season there were quite a few knock outs! Loving the pastel colours and digging them versions made of sheer fabrics…

SS18 Runway Overviews

The Immortal “Saharienne”

Dear Yves, we are still referencing you. This season your Safari-inspired jacket is making a comeback. Love, the fashion industry.

SS18 Runway Overviews

Denim Jacket 2.0 

How can we sell more jackets this summer? This is a question every brand has to answer when designing their Spring Summer collections. Bomber jackets were doing the trick, but lately jean jackets have been taking over. Special call out for this season’s baggier shapes – extra bonus if they are cropped.

SS18 Runway Overviews

Blazer jacket for the girls:

It doesn’t get much sexier that a woman in a well made blazer jacket. This season avoid fitted shapes with one button. Get a double breasted one in checks and dropped shoulders. 80’s working girl, baby!

SS18 Runway Overviews

1990s camper

1990s shell jacket / country treck anork hybrids are absolutely everywhere. Whether you like them or not is irrelevant. They will be in every shop coming next season. Something tells me that younger consumers will go crazy over them. Think festivals and country breaks.

SS18 Runway Overviews


S u i t s 

As identified in previous posts, suits are gaining traction. Unsurprisingly, this season there were quite a few to choose from. Make a special note for these 80s Armani-esque shapes; loose, oversized blazers and trousers, in soft pastel colours. Have I mentioned how important double breasted is?

SS18 Runway Overviews


K n i t w e a r 

The knitted Polo Shirt

Trend Alert: I’m digging this cool 1950s retro look getting the 21st century androgynous treatment. Wear it with an ultra feminine skirt for ultimate fashion kudos.

SS18 Runway Overviews

Layer your Summer Knit

Let’s just imagine for a second that we all live in a beautiful sea-side city where days are warm and nights a bit chilli. A natural reaction will be to cover up with your favourite knitted over-piece, or with a sleeveless chunky cropped sweater. How do you do this in style? Check the below…

SS18 Runway Overviews

Short sleeve jumper

This is a shape making a comeback. Ignored and rejected for many season, it is absolutely fine for SS18.

SS18 Runway Overviews

Reinventing the Stripe…

…might not be an easy task but it is also not impossible. Think textural stripes and mix –width stripes.

SS18 Runway Overviews

As if grandma made it

Pointelle dresses have been around for a couple of seasons now, and it seems that the average consumer is not entirely freaked out with the prospect of covering up in knit. Not convinced? How about a little crochet number? Many designers have been inspired by J.W. Anderson’s AW17 crochet collection…

SS18 Runway Overviews


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