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SS18 Runway Overviews: Vol.4

I have talked about the rise of the separates in popularity for a while now. SS18 runways cemented their importance. I believe it was the first time to see so many. And this is because they translate really well the current mood of “put together” / “hybridisation” trend. Also, they are great vehicles for another seasonal trend; the layering trend.

In this fourth and final post of my SS18 Runway Overviews (phew), I choose to present the must haves for tops, trousers, and skirts.

T o p s 

Hybrid tops

Alexander Wang was the first to toy with the idea of ‘hybridisation’: merging different styles together. That negligee / sweatshirt number is an instant classic. It takes artful pattern-making to achieve but the results are incredible.

SS18 Runway Overviews

Award for the most surprising trend

Who saw this coming, or who predicted this trend’s return? After seasons of abdominal exposure, we moved on to seasons of extra long tees. We are now back where we started; micro tops and bra tops were absolutely everywhere. Pay attention to cropped woven tops, and the cool move-on for this trend; the cropped shirt.

SS18 Runway Overviews

When a plain tee won’t do

Runway looks were a bit more design-heavy this season, something the high-street will struggle to achieve for their price-point. Tops have been worked and then some more, showing a true mastery of pattern cutting; knots and ties challenging simplistic forms. Why don’t you try my favourite detail; the shoulder knot tie.

SS18 Runway Overviews


I have been banging on about white woven tops for a while now. SS18 saw this trend taking centre stage in all major fashion shows.

SS18 Runway Overviews

Statement tops

There is no such thing as too too much. Check out these amazing avant garde pieces. Dress them down or up, this season anything goes. Engage with your inner magpie and when you think your look is complete, add an extra something. If you want to blame someone for this, start with Alessandro Michelle.

SS18 Runway Overviews

Shirts of the season

Didn’t I ask you to pay attention to shirts? Well, I hope you have listened and bought one. If not, SS18 is the season to do so. Fresh off the press are these ‘cowboy’ shirts, and really pointy collars.

SS18 Runway Overviews


B o t t o m s 

As mentioned in previous runway reports chinos are having a moment right now. Don’t think boring camel colour trousers but design-focused elevated cotton trousers in beautiful summer colours. Also, jeans continue to monopolise the catwalks. Skirt-wise we still got our fair share of pleated, wrap, and cargo skirts. The variety of shorts was refreshing too; think long baseball shorts, tailored shorts, cargo short shorts etc…

T r o u s e r s

Show those knees

Slits and cuts move to the front of trousers. Quadriceps and knees are the new areas to get the cold treatment.

SS18 Runway Overviews

Broderie Anglaise trousers

What it says on the tin; trousers made of broderie anglaise. I am not sure I can stand behind this trend. Think of this scenario ladies: you have been to a hot date, enjoyed hours of intriguing conversation over a three course meal and now you are back at theirs. Think of the skin marks, not a good look!

SS18 Runway Overviews


I love this detail on trousers. A little strap that can instantly shape your trousers from a straight fit to a carrot fit.

SS18 Runway Overviews

Lycra Bermudas

90s rave culture and 80s-inspired lycra wear is a thing, haven’t you heard? It was only a matter of time before we would see lycra Bermudas makings a comeback. Unlike the broderie anglaise trouser trend, I sort of get this. Hello Naomi…

SS18 Runway Overviews

New Denim on the Block

What’s new? Heavier washes and rinses. Cargo denim was also resurfacing. Yes, you can never have too many pairs…

SS18 Runway Overviews


S k i r t s 

Denim skirt

I have two words for you: Must have. Especially in a midi length.

SS18 Runway Overviews

Wrap skirts…again

No comment…

SS18 Runway Overviews

Button-up those skirts

Knee-length pencil skirts with buttons are all the rave. Tuck in your favourite t-shirt or cardi. I would like to see them worn with trainers and loafers, no high-heels please…

SS18 Runway Overviews

P S 

Can I please have one of Redemption’s Trump t-shirt? Him as the baby on Nirvana’s iconic Nevermind album cover. Genious!

Image courtesy of Redemption


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