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Today’s Edit: 3 different men, 3 different outfits

This is my first post about menswear. I have been asked by many why I don’t venture into the realm of men’s fashion. My answer always confuses them; it is way too personal…But I have been asked so many times I decided to start listening. This blog is not a reactive blog but more of an interactive one. Your feedback informs it and pretty much directs it. I am a strong believer in listening to people’s needs and trying to cover them, instead of assuming what these needs are. But enough about me!

So, for my first post on my “MEN” section, I put together an edit of three outfits; a selection of what is available to buy right now. Through these 3 edits I try to summarise-excuse my generalization- three attitudes, or better, to describe three different shoppers. They are all fashion enthusiasts, but have a different relationship with their clothes. It was real fun making up these characters…

The Urban guy


He is a real urban dweller. His idea of nature is the well-groomed Victoria Park in East London; coffee less than 15-minutes’ walk. He loves it when people compliment him on the fact that he looks at least 10 years younger but hates it when his mum says he should start dressing his age. He will never conform!

He doesn’t do brick and mortar. No shop understands his magpie aesthetic and they are all too mainstream to even attempt catering for him. Roll in online shopping, and endless hours spent hunting for the right garment. Add on top of that the hours he spends monitoring each garment in his wish list, ensuring he is the first to push buy when the price is satisfactorily reduced. What he does is not internet savvy but proper data analysis.

His outfits look like they have been casually put together, but look more carefully and you will see the hours spent assembling them, each garment a nod to each one of the season’s trends.

He loves Korean buns and artisan locally produced beer, and detests narrow-minded people, logo t-shirts, and ill-behaved children. 23rd of June was one of the worst days of his life, he made himself feel better by buying yet another pair of jeans…

The Edit:

Camouflage jacket by Alexander Wang

Collarless shirt by Saturdays NYC

Embroidered T-Rex t-shirt by Rag & Bone

120z drop crotch tapered hand-washed jeans by Natural Selection London

Felt military backpack by Dries Van Noten

Leather sneakers by McQ, Alexander McQueen

The High-Street bloke


He insists that he doesn’t follow fashion but he is always actively looking for the free magazines and newspaper supplements before jumping on the tube. He reads the fashion section first, and critiques it straight away. He has an opinion about things, about everything.

He prefers to try things on because he is not always a size L. Sometimes he needs to buy an XL, “damn slim-fit clothing”! “Why can’t every brand follow the same size chart” he wonders. If he was in charge, he would make sure everything was more streamlined, and while at it, make all clothes more comfortable. “It makes sense” he adds, shoulders shrug.

He doesn’t like spending a lot of money on clothes, the guilt was installed on him by his religious parents. He rationalizes it; “why spend thousands when the local high-street offers the same for less”?

His competitive nature will never allow him to be dressed worse than his colleagues and his mates. He is one of the thousands of bachelors on Tinder and he says that “Women don’t stop at the shoes. They check-out everything, and one needs to stand out”!

What does he love? Athleisure, “it’s a big thing you know”. Really, he is happy he can wear looser clothes and his favourite overcoat with trainers.

The Edit:

Melton wool overcoat by Jigsaw

Jersey wool mix cardigan by Cos

Textured t-shirt by Topman Lux

Wool-cashmere mix drawstring trousers by Cos

Leather backpack by Whistles

Air Huarache Ultra trainers by Nike

The Designer-loving man


Is not that he is a fashion snob, but he does believe that expensive clothes are better. Price is not an issue, even if his new year resolution is always the same: “need to save more money this year”. When asked, which is his favourite colour, he always replies “Yellow”, failing to detect the sarcasm in the asker’s voice. After all, he only wears black, and what a talent he has wearing it so well!

He gets informed by various blogs he follows, he believes the information on them is truer, less edited, and not glossed-over. He is also interested to learn about the story behind each brand. Nothing beats a good story! He has real ethical concerns and he does his bit by not buying cheap fashion. He is a bit too old to be a millennial but he shares the same concerns!

He gyms it 5 times a week but doesn’t mind hiding the results under longer-line oversized clothing. On a weekday, after the gym, he will pop in that all-important event, tick the networking box, and then run home to catch up on Netflix. However, on the weekend, all dressed-up, he will dine at the latest opening, catch-up with friends who are all married and simply don’t understand him, before hitting the local bar. Sunday night before he hits the bed, he will make sure the outfit for work is ready, his cacti watered, and his personal emails answered. He is now ready to face another week …

The Edit:

Wool overcoat by Rick Owens

Down bomber by Calvin Klein

Long-line t-shirt by Vetements

Neoprene cropped slim trousers by Alexander Wang

Baseball cap by Vetements

Leather high-tops with stitching detail by No.288

Horse leather backpack by Giudi


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